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US Club / NJYS Registration For Girls and Boys Teams


For Jags league affiliation Register under our league affiliation and pay only the cost of passes, through each carding host.

NJYS Teams go to

US Clubs teams goes to

Fall 2018 Jags Registration is open

Fall 2018 is now open for

boys and girls

All New Clubs must register for Club application
Club Application - must add fields as well
All teams must register for team application
Jags accepts US Club Carding
For registation for USYS/NJYS carding
  •  NJYS  carding throught JAGS   and  US Cub Soccer Carding

  • If Jags Clubs would like to card NJYS,
  • please use this link through you own club or the link below
  • You can play njys carding in Jags and still play  against other NJYS Jags teams who may be NJYS carded throught another Leauge ie MOSA, Mid NJ,  who have register for Jags US Club  etc......

Spring u7 to u19

All teams carding through NJYS and  US Club,  is $200.00 for a full season, out of State team welcome at the same Registration Cost. 

Registration is $200.00 (whole year) for U-7 to U-19

( Plus Bond* u15 to u20 $300.00)


League Registration is requirement through GotSoccer.


1. NEW teams carding US Club and NJYS (through another league)  u7 to20 must register for this GotSoccer event, to participate in JAGS:
JAGS League Fall 2018/19

* u7  teams can split in to 2 or 3 groups to play 4v4, and  only register 1 team ie.

Jags Blue u6   Group A, 5 players, Group B,  5 players, Group C, 5 players                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  One  Team 15  Players                                                                                                                  

All New Clubs, Academies etc... Must Register in Got Soccer to participate in JAGS.
New Club, Academies Registration Application


If one team Registers two teams  ie...Jackson SWAT and  Jackson SWAT Red , Jags will get them to play another team back to back games. So teams playing Jackson will get two games with a  small break in between  the games. Players from one team can be game carded on both game day rosters to help with substitutions.

If both teams have registered two teams, then they can each play each other for a round robin.  Both teams would get 2 game each.

Please Note * Jags wants our Girls and Boys  players to play as many minutes as then can. * Once Brackets and Schedules are posted their will be No Refund for any team pulling out.


Please Click below to read Jags New Harassment Policy